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Supporting Skin Health for Senior Adults

Supporting Skin Health for Senior Adults

When a person ages, there will be changes in their skin as well. For senior adults, their skin will become thinner and dry due to the reduced production of collagen and natural oil. In this case, they need to establish a proper skincare routine to ascertain that they don’t experience skin problems like dryness and eczema.

A healthy skincare routine includes drinking eight glasses of water daily and applying moisturizers on the skin after taking a bath or as needed. Eating foods like fruits and vegetables can also help prevent skin problems that occur due to nutritional deficiencies.

However, the problem lies when a senior loved one is no longer able to perform self-care. Because aging also comes with health deterioration, seniors may not be able to follow a healthy skincare routine without help from someone from their family or a caregiver from a home care agency in San Marcos, Texas.

If you opt for non-medical care services to make sure that your senior loved one is in the best care, you will want to look for an agency that is passionate about making their clients’ lives better.

At Brandon’s Total Loving Care Home Care Agency, LLC, our caregivers for home care services in Texas can assist with your senior loved one’s personal care needs. Whether they need help with their baths, toileting, dressing, grooming, and skincare routine, you can rely on our professionals to lend a hand. Contact us today!

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