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Helping Seniors Get Better Sleep at Night

Helping Seniors Get Better Sleep at Night

Sleep is essential for everyone’s wellbeing, especially for seniors who rely on sleep to improve their quality of life. Seniors need seven to nine hours of sleep every night, and age-related body changes and health conditions may come in the way of good night sleep. At Brandon’s Total Loving Care Home Care Agency, LLC, we help seniors deal with sleeping problems so they can easily have better sleep at night. Our Home Care Agency in Kyle, Texas does so by stimulating a good sleeping environment and practicing a healthy lifestyle during the daytime.

Seniors no longer have the ability to sleep deeply at night, making them sensitive sleepers. That is why making sure their bedrooms are quiet, dark, and cool contributes to promoting good and uninterrupted sleep. Seniors must also observe a regular sleeping schedule where they should sleep and wake up at the same time. A heavy meal before bedtime is not allowed, as it can cause discomfort when seniors go to sleep. Our Home Care Service in Texas has seniors eat their dinner three hours before bedtime for enough digestion before sleep.

Along with eating a healthy diet and being physically active, seniors need to manage their stress well for them to sleep better at night. Providing Non-medical Care, stress-relieving activities are encouraged to seniors like doing breathing exercises, reading a book, listening to music, and more to prevent sleeping problems.

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